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Flower vase

Flower vase

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Flower vase

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“Flower vase”

Exact copy of the wall-painting found at the Prechistoric of Akrotiri into the ‘West House” ,room 4 ,window ,North jamb.

The window which admits light to chamber 4 was embellised with wall-paitings. The stuccoed was painted  in imitation marble,while on each jamb an attempt has been made to suggest an open window with a frame of vertical red bands standing on an imitation marble base . Painted within this frame is an elegant ,two handled vase of polychrome marble  from wich spring five blue stems bearing red lily blossoms.

Dimensions : Height 0,89 m  Width 0,45 m

Location of the original :  National Archaeological Museum of Athens

Materials and technique:  The wall-painting is made of handmade lime plaster canvas which is glued on enhanced double seawood. The technique used is the ancient fresco with the original earth colours.The missing pieces of the original are being attributed with the same plaster used for the restoration of the originals.The special finishing applied makes the wall-painting resistant to dust and moisture as well as it ensures longevity without further maintenance,  either when the wall-painting is hanged on the wall or built in the wall.

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