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The Lillies

The Lillies

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The Lillies

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Detail of the wall-painting found at the Prechistoric city of Akrotiri into the house named “Building comlex delta” room D2 , North wall.

The main subject is the composition now known as the “Spring fresco”. Using a range of colours ,including black, red, yellow and blue in various combinations,the artist represented the mountainous and rocky landscape of Santorini, planted with blossoming lillies, between which swallows fly in a diversity of positions.

Dimensions : Height 1,50 m Width 0,80 m

Location of the original : National Archaeological Museum of Athens

Materials and technique:  The wall-painting is made of handmade lime plaster canvas which is glued on enhanced double seawood. The technique used is the ancient fresco with the original earth colours.The missing pieces of the original are being attributed with the same plaster used for the restoration of the originals.The special finishing applied makes the wall-painting resistant to dust and moisture as well as it ensures longevity without further maintenance,  either when the wall-painting is hanged on the wall or built in the wall.

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