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General Terms of website use, Privacy Policy
The company under the company name “AKRON” Art Centre having its registered office in Megalochori 84700, Thira (Santorini), welcomes you to its website http://akron-art.com/.
Through this Website the company sells high quality reproductions of wall paintings and ceramics from Ancient Akrotiri and Ancient Thera, as well as archaic Greek art from farther afield.
We invite you to learn about the terms and conditions of our services as these are presented on this website.
Once you have accepted unreservedly without any exception all the terms presented on this website, then you can purchase the products you have selected.

1. Meanings/Definitions
Company: the company under the company name “AKRON” Art Centre having its registered office inin Megalochori 84700, Thira (Santorini)
Contact details of the Company:
in Megalochori 84700, Thira (Santorini) – Greece
Tel.: +0030 22860-82002
Website: the present website http://akron-art.com/
User: every visitor of the Website.
Member: every visitor who chooses to use the Company’s Service(s) and proceed to the purchase of the advertised products.
Service(s): the ability to purchase high quality reproductions of wall paintings and ceramics from Ancient Akrotiri and Ancient Thera, as well as archaic Greek art from farther afield.

2. Provided Services
This Website is intended for use by consumers having legal capacity and is not intended for use by minors under the age of 18.
You can make use of the Company’s services through the present website.
The presentation of the products to be sold on this website constitutes an invitation to you in order to purchase these products.
The terms of use of this website are set forth clearly, with a concrete and understandable way, observing the principles of good faith in commercial transactions as well as the provisions governing the validity of legal transactions.
If you do not agree with the terms of use of this website you should not make use of it and should not proceed to any transaction by means of it.
The users can navigate through the website freely; however the services are made available only to the members of the website.
Members cannot have more than one active account.
In addition, members are not allowed to sell, exchange or transfer with any other way their account to third persons. In case the registration conditions, as described in the present Website, are not fulfilled then the use of the Services or the Website is not possible.
The company reserves the right to reject or terminate any membership on the website without being obliged to provide any explanation as to that. By filling in the membership registration form and by accepting membership, you acknowledge that you are aware of the conditions and terms of use of the present as well as that all the transactions that will be conducted with the Company shall be subjected to the terms and conditions in question only.
The Company, any of its partners or any third party relating to the company will bear no responsibility for the unknowingly on the part of the Company non-contractual use of this website by a member.

Before proceeding to any purchase, you can contact us by using the telephone number mentioned in the contact details of the Company at the registered office of the Company in order to ascertain who we are.
The validity of this website applies independently of whether the access to it is made by computer, WAP or by Interactive TV.

3. Members’ Responsibility
By the present, as members of this website you declare and acknowledge that:
You must not use this website in any way which is unlawful, illegal, abusive and malevolent, contrary to its purpose such as, e.g. uploading of a content of any kind or communication for any lawful or unlawful purpose, otherwise you undertake all responsibility resulting from the use of this website as well as to indemnify anyone for any harm its improper use by you or any of your associates may cause.
You agree and accept that the associates, the employees, the administration, the shareholders and other partners of the Company are not responsible for any obscene, abusive, immoral subject-matter coming from third users who use this Website and the Company does not undertake any responsibility for this kind of material that is coming from third parties and is hosted in the website.
In case you notice any content contrary to the purposes of the present website, even if we do not bear any responsibility, please let us know immediately in order to track its origin and act straightforwardly.
The presented goods are destined for sale and not for resale, in a contrary case as members of this website you shall be obliged to indemnify the Company for any damage it may suffer.
You are exclusively responsible for the accuracy, the evaluation and the decision regarding the purchase of the presented goods offered on this website and you accept that its content does not constitute and cannot be interpreted under any circumstances as provision of advice, direct or indirect encouragement to proceed to any kind of action.
Apart from the civil and penal sanctions that your non-contractual behaviour may cause, you shall indemnify the Company and its associates for any legal dispute which may arise between the Company and third parties because of any violation of the present terms of use.

4. Presentation of the products
The basic characteristics and in general all the information of the goods for sale as presented on the website. Each art piece has it own characteristics descriped in the details of each product. Each art piece has its own size and weight.
The Company is not bound regarding the availability and the adequacy of the goods or the slight differentiations might occur in their photographic representation.
The Company reserves the right to correct any eventual mistakes or modify or update the website, change the sales or the pricing policy at any given time and without previous warning.
Eventual changes regarding the terms shall be notified in a short period of time on the Website.
The Company reserves the right to suspend temporarily or permanently part or the whole of its Services without any previous warning at its sole discretion.

5. Orders
An order form is available on the website.
Provided that you agree and you declare that you accept the terms and conditions of use of the present website, you can send your order form to the Company.
Once you receive by the Company a specific order number via e-mail your order is confirmed and reserved.
In case your order includes more that one goods, your order is dispatched as a whole unless for the reasons mentioned in the next paragraphs a good is cancelled so in that case the order is considered complete with the dispatch of the rest of the goods.

6. Availability of Goods
If after having received your order, the Company discovers that the goods you ordered are out of stock, it will contact you within ten (10) days from the day the confirmation message was sent and it will either inform you about the delivery time of the good or offer you another similar good or cancel your order refunding you with the entire amount of money you have paid (provided you have paid it) for the purchase of the good and the delivery charges.
The substitution of the good or the cancellation of the order is made at your request after you send a message to the Company via fax or e-mail.

7. Prices of goods sold
The prices of the goods for sale are shown on this website and in order to fill in the order form you declare that you acknowledge the prices.
All prices of goods sold on the website include 16% VAT.
The indicated prices on the goods for sale can change by the Company at any time without previous notice.
In case you place an order and after that the price of the good changes, then the price valid at the time we have sent the order confirmation applies.
In case the price of the good changes the time period between the sending and the confirmation of your order then you can cancel your order.
The Company is not responsible for any mistakes on the prices shown on the Website and it does not guarantee that there will be no mistakes from any reason whatsoever during the entry and/or update of the price of a good.

8. Payment
The payment of the products can be made according to the following ways:
-charging a Visa or Mastercard credit card via Paypal according to the terms and instructions of Paypal
-Payment with a Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Diners Credit / Debit or Prepaid card
-cash on delivery (for greece only)
-deposit on a Bank account as instructed on the website.
The account is Piraeus bank account under the name “Vouvola Aspasia & Sia O.E”

The IBAN number is: GR79 0171 3600 0063 6012 8753 476

In case you do not wish to send the number of your credit card via e-mail, you can send it via fax to the Company or contact a representative of the Company by phone.
A. The billing of your credit card shall take place after its details and validity have been controlled and verified.
You assume full responsibility for the correct entry and accuracy of the credit card details you use in order to effectuate the transaction. In addition you must be the rightful card holder.
Upon entering the credit card details required by the terms of use of this Website, you expressly declare that you have the legal right to use the credit card in question.
The provision of the credit card details declares your consent to bill your credit card with the amount of the purchase you make through this Website.
The Company bears no responsibility for a non legal use of credit cards by you.
The amount of charge must be available and shall be withdrawn after the confirmation of the order. The charge, apart from the cost of the ordered good, also includes the delivery charges.
You must fill in the number and the expiration date of your credit card on the available order form.
The details of your credit card are not stored for transaction security reasons. At your next purchase you should enter them again.
In case the transaction with your credit card is rejected for any reason whatsoever by the issuing Bank or the credit card network for reasons such as exceeding the credit card limit or suspicion of credit card fraud, then the purchase shall not be made.
The transactions by credit card shall be made from the website of the Company using the services of the Internet Payment Service Provider or ISP with whom the Company has entered into a contract.
The company cannot be held responsible for the non making of charges or amount blocking via a credit card in case it is a question of Internet Payment Service Provider’s liability.
Without being exhaustive, some cases of non liability of the Company are the following:
Hardware failure or software failure of the Internet Payment Service Provider.
In case the server of requests of the Internet Payment Service Provider stops working according to the specifications either because of a hardware failure (including but not limited to hard discs malfunction, power supply failure, main memory malfunction) or because of software problems, then the purchase by the member is considered as not made.
Non notification of the Company regarding the completion of the transaction. If the transaction is charged or blocked in a credit card but the Company is not notified by means of accepted procedures then the Company shall consider that the member does not participate in the purchase. The Internet Payment Service Provider might be liable for the failure to notify the Company.
The above cases are for information purposes and do not constitute an exhaustive list including all the cases the Company cannot be held liable.

B. The delivery for reasons of transactions security shall only be made to the holder of the credit card who should prove his identity by means of supporting documents and since he cannot appear personally, the delivery is made to his authorised representative.
If no authorised person can take delivery of and sign for the order at the delivery place, then you will find a note in your mailbox explaining on the one hand that the delivery was not made possible because you were not present and on the other hand mentioning the place from where you can pick up your order.
In the cases where you did not pick up your order within six (6) days from the place we have indicated to you in the above mentioned note or the delivery was not possible due to wrong mailing address, the Company shall refund the member the amount of the purchase but not the amount for the delivery charges.
In case the product is damaged during transport, please notify the Company immediately.

C. The retail sales receipt shall be sent to you via e-mail after the completion of the order and payment process. If you wish to check your account as a Member, please visit the website and check and

9. Order processing

The Company declares that delivers orders both in Greece and abroad.
You assume full responsibility for the correct and accurate details of your address.
The delivery of your order is carried out by courier companies that co-operate with the Company. The Company forwards the members’ details required for the delivery and processing of the order, such as full name, address of delivery and contact telephone number to the courier companies. By accepting the present terms, you also consent for the keeping, processing and transfer of the above data by the Company to the courier companies for the purposes of the completion of the service.

10. Delivery time and delivery charges
The delivery time starts from the day of receipt of the order confirmation.
With the order delivery the company undertakes to process it within the period of time that will be defined by the courier company depending on the place of destination. The delivery time of your order is designated on your order form. This delivery time depends on the place of destination and there is also a relevant note regarding the delivery charges and the customs clearance charges (if available) with which you are burdened.
If you agree with the designated amounts on the website regarding the delivery time, the delivery charges and the customs clearance charges (if available) and you accept the relevant amount, you send your order and its confirmation follows.
Shipping companies per zone (zones by countries) / shipping charges per weight
EMS Courier

11. Delay or cancellation in delivery of goods
If the delay in delivery of purchased goods is due to the supplying company or if the specific product has been discontinued by the supplying company and it is not available, then a representative of the Company shall contact you by telephone or via an e-mail to confirm whether you alternatively wish: a. this item to be sent to you after its delivery to the premises of the Company in the case of delay, b. to suggest you another similar product or c. to deliver your order without this item in case your order includes more than one item by refunding you the amount you paid for the purchase of the specific item as well as the delivery charges.
Force majeure
Since the processing of the order is not possible due to force majeure, namely, for reasons beyond the control of the Company and do not allow it to perform its obligations, such as weather conditions and strikes, the Company shall proceed to the due actions in order to fulfil its obligations within a reasonable period of time provided this is possible because of the events of force majeure.
If the delay is due to you (inaccurate or wrong declared details) and the Company cannot contact you then the Company is not held liable against you and since you decide the cancellation of your order when is finally made possible to contact you, the Company refunds you the amount for the purchased goods but not the amount of the delivery charges.
If it is an established fact that the non performance or the improper performance of the order is due to the Company then the Company is liable to carry out the order again.

12. Suitability of Goods – Faulty Goods
1. The goods sold through this website are covered by the guarantee of good mpla mpla mpla .
2. If a member takes delivery of goods that do not satisfy the quality specifications or are different from the goods ordered, the buyer should contact a representative of the Company immediately.
3. The return should take place within five (5) days from their delivery date and it should also be accompanied by the receipt and the sales invoice.
As long as it is an established fact that the goods have a defect then a representative shall contact the member and the supplying companies and it shall inform the supplying company regarding the intention of the member either to replace the product with a new one of an equivalent value and quality or with a substitute of an equivalent value and quality or to withdraw from the contract. If the member wishes to withdraw from the contract, the amount paid for the purchase of the specific good as well as the delivery and return charges shall be refunded to it.
In every case as the good is covered by a guarantee by the supplying company, the member –apart from matters regarding the replacement or withdrawal from the contract- should contact the supplying company.

13. Return of goods
If you reside within the European Union you have the right to return a good you have taken delivery of as long as the following terms and conditions regarding the return policy of the company are fulfilled without being burdened with any charge apart from the return charges.
The good should not have been unpacked, torn, its tags and labels should be in place, its external package should be in perfect condition in general, its cello wrapper and carton box should be sealed and not torn.
The good should be accompanied by all its justifying and sales documents.
The return should start within seven (7) calendar days from the delivery date with written notification via e-mail on the website of its request to the Company and be completed within seven (7) days from the approval regarding the mailing of the returned goods, namely within a period of fourteen (14) days in total.
During the above cases there is also a refund of the paid amount regarding the returned good. The amount is deposited in a bank account which is designated by the member to the Company. This takes place within twenty (20) days from the return of the goods to the Company. The refund does not include the delivery charges.

14. Replacement of goods
The replacement of goods, as mentioned herein above, presupposes the availability of the products by the supplying companies. The Company cannot be committed regarding the possibility to replace goods as their availability depends on the supplying companies only. As a result, the member shall be informed about the issue by a representative of the Company only after the representative of the Company has contacted the supplying company.

15. Order cancellation
The order can be cancelled.
Before the order is completed and during the electronic procedure of the order according to the procedure described on the website. The order is cancelled at no cost to both parties.
In any other case and according to what is mentioned hereinabove with notification to the Company via fax or e-mail.

16. Company’s Personal Data
The full content, the design and the presentation of the website is property of the Company and protected by the Greek and International Legislation. None of the data of the website is allowed to be copied with any way whatsoever such as analog/digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transfer, downloading, processing, purchase for resale, creation of work production or public deception regarding the real provider of the above content of the Website. The reproduction, re-edition, loading, notification, dissemination, communication or any other use of the content with any other way or means for commercial or other purposes is only allowed after previous written permission of the Company or any other legal holder of the above intellectual property rights. The presentation of the above content on the Website cannot under any circumstances be perceived as transfer or assignment of permission or right to use anything of the above data.
The Company has the right and the permission from each supplier to use the brand names and the trade marks of the goods sold through this Website.
The company name and/or the name of the Website and/or the logos of the Company are not allowed to be used by any third party for any reason whatsoever without specific, previous written permission of the Company.

17. Members’ Personal Data
Personal data of the members of the Website are protected by virtue of L.2742/97 as in force regarding the data privacy protection from processing. The data that we require are strictly used for the purposes which they are collected for and stored as long as it is necessary for the specific transaction. Their use by any third party is not allowed.
The present Website operates according to the Greek and EU Legislation and stores personal data safely as long as it is necessary for carrying out the services of this website. After that period, personal data are deleted. Collection and processing of personal data can be made only with the express consent of the member as well as in case of data transfer to any third party of the e-shop and are not forwarded to other companies or bodies without the consent of the member.
Within the framework of the legislation regarding the protection of telecommunications secrecy, the member has the right to information and objection as provided for in articles 11 to 13 of L.2472/1997.
Personal data that are requested regard the full name of the member, its e-mail address, the delivery address, its telephone number as well as the details of its credit card.
In brief, we only collect as much information as we need so that the member can participate in the Services of the Website with absolute success.
The member acknowledges and consents so that the Company, under the terms of the provisions of L.2472/1997, as in force shall keep on file and process its personal data with regard to:
the purchase of the good
the fulfillment of the services of the website
informing the member regarding any subject as well as regarding the new products of the website
informing the member regarding the smooth operation of the website
every action related to the above mentioned.
The same applies regarding the installation of cookies.
The Company through its Website has the possibility to use Cookies in order to enable the operation of the Services of the Website. Cookies are small text files that are sent and kept in the computer of the User/Member allowing to the Website to function smoothly and without technical problems. They allow the collection of multiple options of the User/Member, their identification and enable their access to the Website. Furthermore, they collect data for the improvement of the Website’s content. Cookies do not cause faults neither to the computers of the Users/Members nor to the files they are stored. The Company uses Cookies in order to provide to the Users/Members information and carry out the Services provided through this Website.
It is worth noting that Cookies are absolutely necessary for the correct and smooth operation of the present Website.
The use of Cookies takes place only with the consent of the user/member.

18. Liability of the Company
The Company is not liable for slight negligence but for gross negligence and willful misconduct during the provision of its services, namely, during the sales of high quality cosmetics and toiletries having as ingredient or based on olive oil and provided through the present Website.
Links of third parties existing in the Website of the Company are only provided to enable the provision of services offered through the present Website. The Company is not liable for the content of the Websites of third persons.
The Company is not liable for inaccurate data, actions, errors, omissions, guarantee violations of the supplying companies, for any damage caused by viruses or other malicious software that can enter to it by unknown sources, and other damages or indemnifications and monetary damages and expenses that can occur in regard to the Services provided through the present Website.
The Company is not liable for the rightness, the evaluation and the decision to purchase the presented goods offered on this website. The member is solely responsible for this decision.

19. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
Regarding any and all disputes arising out of the use of this Website between user/member and the Company, the parties shall seek to settle the case in an amicable way. Since this is not possible, then it is mutually agreed that the case shall be subjected to the Greek Law and the jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens.
All the conditions of the present are essential.
In case that that a condition of the present is judged as non applicable/invalid even partially, the conditions are not affected by it and shall be applied and be in full force.
For any clarification in regard to the Company and the conditions of use of this Website, the Members/users can consult the e-address info[at]akron-art.com mailing address, Megalochori 84700, Thira (Santorini) – Greece
and the telephone number: +0030 22860-82002