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About Us

Who We Are?

Akron Art Center is a reproduction of ancient Greek art workshop.
It is the only workshop unique for it’s type in Santorini and also one of the biggest in Greece.

Our team of painters work and reproduce artworks here in Akron Art workshop where our pieces are exhibited and sold (it’s an exhibition of 300sqm) of the Akron Art Center

The team of painters at “Akron Art Center” began its business in 1981 in Plaka and since then continues to study and recreate works of ancient Greek art.

You can find recreations of

  • ✓ Akrotiri Thiras Wallpaintings
  • ✓ Minoan, Geometric and Classical era pottery from all over Greece
  • ✓ Mosaics replicas and original works
  • ✓ Paintings (Classical Themes)

All pieces of artwork that we manufactured are exposed and sold exclusively in Akron Art Center

Replicas of Ancient Art

Wall Paintings





Our Team of Painters

Art Painter

Aspasia Vovola

She studied painting in Athens and in Dijon (France) and specialized in wallpainting.Since 1989 she has been working on the reproduction of wallpaintings, with emphasis on those found in AKROTIRI – SANTORINI

Art Painter

Dimitris Bellos

He studied painting in Athens and attended classes in composition and restoration of mosaics in the Vatican. For the last 21 years, he has been working on reproductions of archaic Greek art.(pottery, wallpaintings, mosaics)

Art Painters

Dimitris & Aspasia

Classically trained artists Dimitris Bellos and Aspasia Vovola specialize in original size reproductions of wall paintings and ceramics from Ancient Akrotiri and Ancient Thera, as well as archaic Greek art from farther afield. The unique technique they have developed and established is the result of a long study on reproducing ancient artworks using the same materials that are being used for the restoration of the originals.

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