The wall paintings of Santorini provide a wide picture of the island’s history, while they depict the highly developed ancient society of the Aegean. They were found during the excavations of 1967 to 1974 and represent the most significant findings since today, as their contribution to the overall knowledge of the Minoan civilization is crucial. Originally, they were displayed on walls of the prehistoric city of Akrotiri and they have been the object of systematic and in depth research for archaeologists, art historians, zoologists, botanists, and chemists.

Experience the Timeless Beauty of Wall Paintings

Welcome to Akron Art Centre, where the spirit of Akrotiri’s ancient wall paintings comes to life through our meticulously reproduced artworks. Step into a world where history and art converge, showcasing the mesmerizing wall paintings found in Akrotiri of Santorini.

Unveiling Ancient Masterpieces

Akrotiri’s Rich Cultural Legacy
Our gallery proudly presents an exquisite collection of wall paintings inspired by the archaeological marvels of Akrotiri. Immerse yourself in the captivating tales, vibrant colors, and intricate details that characterize these ancient masterpieces. Each painting tells a story of the rich cultural heritage that has endured for centuries.

Artistry Preserved
Witness the meticulous craftsmanship of our skilled artists as they recreate the essence of Akrotiri’s Wall Paintings. Using advanced techniques and premium materials, we ensure that every stroke captures the authenticity and charm of the original artworks. Explore a gallery where the past seamlessly meets the present.

Gallery Highlights

Gallery Highlights

Timeless Frescoes

Step into our gallery to admire a curated selection of timeless frescoes. From scenes of daily life to mythical narratives, each fresco reflects the skill and artistry of the ancient craftsmen. Our commitment to preserving this heritage shines through in every brushstroke.

Events and Exhibitions

Events and Exhibitions

Curated Experiences

Join us for exclusive events and exhibitions that delve into the world of Akrotiri’s wall paintings. From thematic showcases to artist talks, our gallery is a dynamic space that fosters a deeper appreciation for the historical significance of these captivating artworks.

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